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Unexpected Motivation and Inspiration

I have found that with so many things on the web like Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble Upon and so on that you can really waste A. LOT. of time at the computer. So you can imagine what happened when I found Pinterest and I will tell you that I have spent quite a bit of time on there that very well could have been better spent. Now here I am, a few months after joining and I look back over the past few months and find a very surprising thing has happened that I would have never expected¬† in a million years- I have gotten a ton more done than I ever thought possible, I started working out again, I am inspired by new ways to organize my home (AND it is actually happening), I have found fantastic recipes not only for in general but also for better and healthier lifestyle changes, and now that I have a considerable amount of pins and boards and likes, I find that I don’t waste nearly as much time on it than when I first found it. Maybe I live vicariously through the pins on Pinterest, if I do oh well. I just see that my tasks are little lighter and I have a lot more to hope for when I find ideas and inspiration on this fantastic site. I just LOVE Pinterest.

Check out these awesome pins I found…

Tons of great teaching tools and ideas

Lots of pretty things

Tons of Sweet DIY, Crafts and Tutorials

Ball work out ideas which are my personal favorites

To die for gift wrapping ideas, ornaments, paper crafts

Organization ideas, home cleaners, decorating tips

Retro Dress pattern and other cute clothing ideas and patterns