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Master Cleanse- Day 1…

It being the hottest week of the summer thus far and the fact that when it is hot I really don’t have much of an appetite anyway, I thought, with about 6 days before my next day of work I would see how far I could get on the Master Cleanse, and I also figured if I could make it 6 days I could very likely do 4 more… so we will see. I did the cleanse for 5 days last March and lost 15 pounds in those 5 days. It helped me get rid of some pretty bad cravings I had particularly for a certain candy bar I was eating daily (king size) and for a particular fast food burger I was eating almost every day, I haven’t had that bad of craving since and in addition lost 15 more pounds since I did that cleanse. My current craving right now is just my 2 cups of coffee a day, and as much as I like my coffee I have come to depend on it too much so I am hoping to break my dependence on that, I am also hoping to lose another 15lbs which would put me at about 20lbs from my ideal weight goal.  If I lose more weight, I will be geeked but if I just lose the 15lbs that is fine too. One of the pitfalls I had the last time I did this is that on about day 4 or so I can get pretty crank, so I am hoping that with the help of some spirulina tablets I can curb some of the moodiness.

For those of you who do not know what the Master Cleanse is, here’s the rundown; 8-10 12oz glasses of Organic Lemonade a day in place of food made with grade B Maple Syrup, fresh squeezed organic lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper. I added the spirulina and if I recall correctly I believe it is ok according to the book to do that. I plan on taking about 6-8 tablets of the spirulina a day. Yes, it is odd, and it doesn’t really taste like lemonade, but the taste isn’t that bad either, and I don’t add enough cayenne to burn my mouth or anything even though the health benefits would be better if I did, cayenne is said to help loosen up and get rid of phlegm or excess mucus in the system.

Now for the stats: I currently weigh 195lbs, at 6 feet tall my ideal and most healthy weight is 160-165… so 30lbs to lose in all. My current clothing size is about 14-16, and it is in my opinion a crock to go by size because there are so many variables in sizes by brand, but, I just thought I would mention it.