Waking Widow

I am Alive
You are dead
I see you every day
You surround me
And I long for you
The you that I love
You are always there
And still here with me
But you have gone away
And your life makes me dead
Living yet dead
Where are you
I know your here
And I wait
For you
To come to me
Everyday when I see you
I wait
How can we live together
So separated
By finite things
So hurt
So angry
And here we are
Both living yet dead
Is this love dead
My love isn’t
I refuse to allow it
And I cry at odd times
When I go to sleep
When I shop
When I wait
When I am with you
Where is your love
Has it gone forever
Why must I wait
When I am sure
It must be here
How did I lose it
Why was I so careless
Or were you
I am crying again
Because I never thought
I could lose something
So precious
Your heart is still beating
So is mine
Am I
A waking widow
You living yet dead
And my life dead
While you’re living
Here with me yet
Gone so far
Over angry finite things
And hurts so small
That grow too big
For us to handle
In this life that we try to make
In our home
In our marriage
In our family
Where is that cosmic rewind key
That message to our past
What might we have changed
In those yesterdays
To make now better
There is a future
For us
Is it able to be found
What can be done today
To make tomorrow better
I’ve done alot
Not enough
And I give up too…
Too much
( i just don’t want to hurt
I am afraid
Where are you
I know your here
But then
Your not
My friend
My lover
I search for you
And see you every day
But you’re lost to me
And I keep looking
Hoping to find
The you that I know
Is here
The you that I love
So much
Too much
Don’t make it too late
Because my life
Seems dead
When your not living it
With me
My tears
They fall
And fall
For you
Like rain
In a storm
And I choke on the ones
Not wept
And I see you
And adore you
From such a distance
Only anger
And hurt can make


Clouds and Sunsets

Loving brush-strokes in the sky;
Painted there with perfect Love,
A sweet balm for this heart of mine
Pictured above.

Each new summertime day,
A knew expression of this Love.
Glorious reminder to this heart of mine
Pictured above.

A new song of joy floats
Upon every cloud in love.
A new song in this heart of mine
Pictured above.

Every new thought expressed
From God’s Mind full of Love
Brought to this heart of mine
Pictured above.

Someday soon on sunbeams
Thru the clouds my Love
Will take this heart of mine
Home with Him above.

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