Daybook II

This a tweaking of the Daybook format journal post from the other day.

Outside: Snowflakes are lazily floating to the ground. There is a good 6-8″ of white stuff blanketing everything in sight and to think a few days ago it was close to 50 degrees outside. The temp is 23 degrees today. The sky is overcast marbled in golden white and bluish grey.

Hearing: The cat and dog chasing each other around the house.

Wearing: Long sleeve brown thermal, brown cable knit hooded sweater and silver brand jeans that a good friend generously bestowed upon me.

Thinking: My next blog post. And the absolutely ludicrous expectation placed on little girls and women by the Miss America pageant and how they (the producers) excessively excused the pageantry and exhibitionism by pushing a feminist career agenda as though being a Doctor or Lawyer or Scientist is somehow the ultimate goal for girls and women. I am a mom and there is NOTHING more fulfilling and important. I have a job out of necessity and I enjoy it very much and would love to continue my education. My job is EASY in comparison to keeping my home and parenting my children. I hope that moms never forget that  though they could very easily be a career woman and do some culturally beneficial work in the world, the imprint of there motherhood however good or bad will shape the future and there is no higher achievement than striving to be the best mom to your children. The real Miss America’s are those moms that have the poise to handle there children’s messes and multitask a million different things and create a loving home for their husband and children and who honor there husband even when it is difficult and all the other umpteen beautiful, frustrating, thankless, fulfilling aspects of motherhood.

Reading: Learn to Crochet- I know how, I just need to familiarize myself with the different stitches and how to read patterns.

Food: {Brunch} Cottage Cheese, eggs and toast, coffee {Supper} hamburgers

Learning: Crochet stitches

Devotion: Streams in the Desert

Meditation: Proverbs 34:14

Inspiration: Pinterest

Creating: Just finished my third washcloth, blue raspberry and bright pink

Grateful: Warmth, coffee, my children, family, friends, feedback and followers on my blog, the talent God has given me to write, motivation that I pray for every day, my vitamins esp. B, herbs, snow, joy, playing, being okay with imperfections and inadequacy.

Accomplished: 90% of my kids rooms cleaned, addresses collected for my 6 year olds Flat Stanley first grade project, lots and lots of laundry, groceries bought and put away,

Plans: need  to finish my children’s bedrooms, get the kids stuff ready for school tomorrow, run a few errands, get together with some friends on Friday, free class on Saturday

Favorite: TV show right now Once Upon a Time on ABC, I love the spiritual connections I am able to communicate to my children through this show, as in, “magic always comes with a price” and how this relates to the pleasure of sin in the moment but how it makes you pay a heavier price down the road.

Children: Having fun with the Granparents

Struggle: Maintaining (or even implementing on some days) routines and scheduling for my days.

Avoiding: Shoveling the snow off the walk

Fitness: Haven’t done it today… yet

Zone: Outside work, er, like shoveling the walk

Quote: “Mommy you have a big butt” -complements of my 4 year old

Praying: For a very special and loved person to come home miraculously healed.

So there it is my tweak of my mundane daily to do…


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