World View Revolution

I have been reading an amazing book called “Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats”. It has opened my eyes to the horrors of Industrialized food in this country. Basically it is based largely on the findings of a gentleman by the name of Weston A. Price a dentist who spent many years in the early 20th century researching the traditional diets of  so called “primitive” peoples throughout the world. It illuminates the nutritional value of basic foods (meat, eggs, dairy, fats, grains, fruits and vegetables) and there role in human health. The findings have repeatedly shown that processing, pasteurization, excessive heat, lack of fermentation, the addition of chemicals and so on, that the food industry has promoted in their greed to line their pockets has been severely detrimental to our health. So detrimental in fact that it leads to behavioral and mental problems, chronic diseases not seen before the 20th century, obesity in epidemic numbers, infertility, weakening of our nations ability to defend itself through generational starvation of those who would fight on our behalf and the undermining of our environment and economy. It has robbed the American people specifically of the ability to self sufficiently care for their basic needs, and of the knowledge of True health and vitality. Basically enslaving them to a life of poor health, poisonous medications and environmental devastation.

The deception is appalling in its entirety, shocking in its totality. To some this may be considered a fringe issue of little importance and to others this thinking may fall under extreme conspiracy theory. However it makes complete sense if studied thoroughly by any wise individual. We can thank the media world system for providing us sufficient holes in the ground in which to bury our heads, through the wonders of television and video-games and yes even the internet; of advertising and reporting that twists and hides the Truth (all Truth). Occasionally there are leaks of the monster that industry has created, and people are sufficiently outraged at the injustice, but, being incomplete in their knowledge and in the whole of the lie, the media is then able to take the original leak and slowly twist it around until the fact becomes a complete fiction. I have known for some time that “stuff just ain’t right” with food, and medicine, and media, and politics, and government and I am sure that alot of people are also aware to a degree, that was me and likely still is. What has shaken me about the many Truths that I have found is that each time I find one I think “wow, we really don’t have a clue do we?” The depth of the deception is so deep, and how can it be unraveled? Do people even care to open their minds to these extreme Truths? A few years ago I would have been shocked at myself to have come to believe what I am finding out more and more. I am certainly not saying that I have it all figured out; I am just stating how it amazes me to find how little I do know. I am certainly open to educated reproof if I am found lacking in my thoughts and opinions, (from a wise person who has done their research too). Ultimately, though the Truth lies with God alone and only he can lead us into all Truth. Don’t think that because He leads to all Truth, that anyone has a pass, God says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”; let us not be the ones who are destroyed because we choose not to believe something that may sound a bit crazy to us at first.

How would you feel if what you were feeding your children was not only lacking in nutritive value but also poisoning them? How would you feel if you read a study on cereal only to find out that the rats that were fed the cereal died before the rats that were fed the BOX that the cereal came in? How would you feel if you found out that we were under a terrorist attack from neurotoxins in out water supply? Sad thing is WE ARE under attack, by the industrialized food and drug cartels of this country, which allow neurotoxins in the majority of our food!!! How would you feel if you found out that the medications you thought were supposed to make you better were poisoning you further? Oh wait the FDA recalls medications every week. Now there’s an agency we can trust for our food and medications(conflict of interest if there ever was one). How would you feel if you read a study about criminals in jail only to find out that they are lacking the specific nutrients that prevent mental and behavioral disorders. How would you feel if your infertility was directly related to the lack of nutritious food in our modern diet. This is no longer just a little thing in the great scheme of problems in this world it touches every aspect of the world’s ills- to the point of being the very basis of the majority of its problems. We need to Educate ourselves, gaining knowledge through Spirit given wisdom to divide the Truth from the lies. I recommend starting with the book Nourishing Traditions By: Sally Fallon. Do a little research and you may find some things out that will have your jaw on the floor.

To be continued…

BTW: Once I figure out how to add links I will be adding them to my page, for direct reference. Also, what I post on this site is meant to provoke personal thought and action in your life, or to inspire and encourage others. It is by no means meant to offend or create controversy.


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