Bargain Hunter

I have the most crazy life…

I come out of the grocery store to find hubby has bought a new fridge off a trailer someone has.

It’s exasperating, but we did need a new fridge….

yeah we could have waited…

but it was a fantastic deal.

It a touch too big for the spot in our house…

and the lanoleum

has a few rips and gouges

but to see the delight on my bargain hunter’s face

to have it in

after hours of cleaning and rearranging

and I am happy he is happy

and I am glad there is more room for us to put food

so I think

can’t wait for the bargain he’ll find

on a new floor

for us.



4 thoughts on “Bargain Hunter

  1. Men and their crazy happy things 😛

    They are good bargain hunters, no?
    (I wish you lived near…Wolf puts in flooring as a builder and we could SO install you some new linoleum!!)

    I love hearing about your day to day doings ❤


  2. i just got a horse on a stick for kj for 25 cents…i’m feeling the love from the little boy grin i saw when i handed it to him.

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